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AB 690 Management Disclosures and Escrow Documents

» Posted August 15, 2017News

AB 690 includes a few changes to the law that are unrelated to one another.

Currently a manager must provide certain disclosures to a prospective association client prior to entering into a management contract. With those disclosures, a manager or management company must now disclose whether the manager will receive a referral fee or other monetary benefit from a third-party hired to distribute documents required as part of the association’s annual budget report.

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AB 1139 Transfer Fee Disclosure

» Posted August 15, 2017News

Existing law allows various required fees to be included in the price of a residential real estate transfer. These include public fees, such as transfer taxes and document recording fees as well as private fees, such as those charged by a homeowner association. Private transfer fees (PTFs) are fees required by the developer and are paid by each homebuyer as part of each sale. The money generated from each sale is usually earmarked for some specific cause, like environmental mitigation or the development of affordable housing in the locality. In some cases, the homeowners association is the recipient of the money.

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Common Interest Mechanic’s Liens Clarification

» Posted August 4, 2017News

The law of mechanic’s liens has always been a complex, technical and confusing world for homeowners and contractors alike.  Under the California Constitution, contractors, material suppliers, equipment suppliers and laborers all have the right to place a foreclosable lien upon real property if they have not been paid for their services. In order to properly record and foreclose such a lien, the claimant must jump over a number of difficult hurdles including providing proper notice to the owners of the property the contractor wishes to lien. In the common interest development context, this notice hurdle has been very high and confusing to navigate. The California legislature has recently attempted to make things a bit clearer with the adoption of Assembly Bill (AB) 534, which will go into effect on January 1, 2018.

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Private Eyes – They’re Watching You Why a Policy on Video Surveillance Might Help

» Posted July 26, 2017Articles

Video surveillance systems are commonplace in homeowners associations. They are primarily used to allow after-the-fact investigation of crimes or violations of the governing documents. Video surveillance cameras are generally not used where residents and guests would have an expectation of privacy, such as the interior of homes or bathrooms. They are also not normally used to “spy” on association employees, because of the legal implications.

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Charged Up!

» Posted July 17, 2017Kelsey TaberNews

Electric vehicles are more common today than they were ten years ago and they will be more common in ten years than they are today. California is home to the highest concentration of electric vehicles in the nation. With more automakers making a considerable effort towards manufacturing affordable electric vehicles, we can expect to see the number of electric vehicles on the road to continue growing.

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