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General Counsel

As general counsel, we advise our construction industry clients on the various legal rights, responsibilities and obligations affecting their particular business fields. Often this includes the formation of entities, corporate compliance, licensing, forming opinions and application of the law to the particular question or concern that the client may express. As part of counseling, we handle business transactions including negotiation, drafting, and review of construction contracts, employment agreements, and other agreements associated with the activities of the business.

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts, change orders, amendments
  • Securing bonds and surety obligations
  • Providing advice and opinions on day-to-day operations
  • Representation during contractual disputes
  • Advice regarding insurance policies and claims
  • Formation of entities
  • Securing performance and payment from third parties
  • Preparation and perfecting preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens, stop notices, payment and performance bonds and licensing bonds 

Construction Litigation

Our attorneys have relevant experience not only in the legal field but also in the day-to-day operations of a construction business. They are knowledgeable in the specific challenges and concerns that come up now and then during the course of a construction project.  Occasionally disputes develop and our clients want attorneys who are skilled in providing strategic planning and advice and who understand the business and strategies involved in the construction industry. We have those skills and we strive to place our clients in the best position to resolve disputes and when necessary, succeed at trial.  We are zealous advocates for our clients in all legal forums including Federal and State trial and appellate courts, administrative and regulatory hearings, as well as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings.  

  • Investigation of issues
  • Legal research and analysis
  • Commencing and responding to lawsuits
  • Tendering and advocating for insurance coverage and defense
  • Representation during pre-trial, trial and appellate review
  • Foreclosure of mechanic’s liens
  • Enforcement of stop notices
  • Representation at administrative hearings
  • Assistance and counseling relating to small claims hearings and appeals
  • Collection of post-trial judgments